We are proud to make products that are designed not only with the intention to care for skin, but the community and planet as well. We endeavour to stay respectful and responsible in honouring the gifts we have been given.

Iwori is committed to the preservation of our African heritage, with positive promotion and celebration of its culture and the stimulation of local business.

All our products are made in South Africa and all bath and body primary packing is sourced locally in order to support local businesses.

We endeavour to source our organic key African oils and extracts from suppliers who follow strict fair trade principles and support rural communities, in our effort to support upliftment projects within Africa. Our 100% organic key African ingredients are ethically, fairly and sustainably sourced. The purchase of these oils and extracts provide the community the opportunity to earn a reliable and sustainable living.


Wild harvested by small farmer-families in Cederberg, South Africa, we use USDA organic certified African Rooibos Extract that is sustainably sourced and fair-trade. Our Rooibos Extract is produced from Rooibos grown in its native Cederberg region in the Western Cape of South Africa. It is environmentally and responsibly produced without harmful chemicals and is USDA organic certified.


Wild harvested and handpicked by groups of women from rural communities in Northern Namibia, we use certified organic African Marula Oil that is sustainably sourced on the principles of fair trade. There are currently 12 groups consisting of 350 ladies in the rural areas of northern Namibia, and this number is expanding. Women utilise their traditional knowledge of Marula harvesting, as well as learn how to harvest more sustainably, store the seeds and handle their finances. Oil is extracted by method of cold pressing, therefore in its absolute organic form with no additives, chemicals or heat.


Wild harvested by communities in Zimbabwe and South Africa, Iwori uses EU and USDA organic certified African Baobab Oil that is PhytoTrade certified, and is ethically, fairly and sustainably sourced. For generations, Baobab trees have made an important contribution to people’s livelihoods in Africa.  More recently, the global trade in Baobab Oil has become an important means of earning an income for many rural families. The community projects plant and wild harvest the organic Baobab fruits which have fallen and are collected from under trees, thus there is no damage to parent trees. They are not subjected to any genetic modifications. The oil is made from the Baobab seeds which are exclusively plant based, with no preservatives or additives.


Wild harvested by communities in rural remote areas of Zambia, Iwori uses USDA certified African Mongongo Oil that is produced following the principles of ethical bio-trade and sustainable sourcing. There are currently 198 local community members, mainly women, who handpick the Mongongo fruit utilisingtheir traditional knowledge of harvesting along with organic harvesting and processing skills they have been trained in.  This gives these women an alternative to subsistence farming and additional cash income where there are few job opportunities. Oil is extracted by method of cold pressing, therefore in its absolute organic form with no additives, chemicals or heat.